...Say “Hello” to the easiest solution ever!

Say “goodbye” to stickers and magnets on your dishwasher door...

Save the water

for your plants!



It is placed on the rack inside your dishwasher, where you are looking.  After all, that is where your dishes are, so isn't that where your visual indicator should be?  Throw out those magnets you stick on the front of the door of your dishwasher.   They are unsightly in your kitchen, and are obsolete once your dishwasher door is open, as you don't see it.  An, most people don't remember to turn them or keep track either.


CLEANdicator takes the guess work out by automatically popping up to clean when your dishwasher cycle runs.


It stays reading clean, until you are ready to start loading dirty dishes.

Take out one coffee cup, or any number of dishes, and know the rest are still clean.

Once completely emptied, you can simply press to resent, and you are ready to load with dirty dishes....one at a time, if needed.


Don't rely on that light on your dishwasher.  Once you open the door, all bets are off.


Everyone in your household or office will always know the status of the dishes in the dishwasher.


Avoid energy wasting reruns.  Save money on water, electricity, and dishwasher liquid and cleaners.

Help in our effort to save energy and save you money at the same time.



The World's first INSIDE the dishwasher AUTOMATIC clean indicator

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