Never re-running your dishwasher, because you put dirty dishes in with the clean ones.

Cleandicator™ is the World’s first INSIDE THE DISHWASHER “AUTOMATIC” Clean & Dirty Indicator.


Say “YES” to ease, convenience and reliability, and you can say….


                    • No more magnets or disks you forget to turn on the dishwasher door.


                             • No more stickers or things attached to the front of your dishwasher.


                                        • No more yelling across the room, as you open the dishwasher, “Are these clean or dirty?”


                                                      • No more guesswork.


                      • No more running your dishwasher again, because you just don’t know if you mixed dirty and clean dishes together.






Cleandicator ‘clean/dirty’ indicator for INSIDE your dishwasher is also AUTOMATIC.


This patented little device is so easy to use, you will throw out that old magnet you have stuck to the front of your dishwasher right now.  Simply place the Cleandicator on one of the racks inside your dishwasher, push the button, and it is ready to go.


The Cleandicator automatically displays a blue indicator and reads ‘clean’, when your dishwasher runs.  Once you have emptied your clean dishes, you, simply, press the button again.  The beauty is that you will always know if the status of the load is clean or dirty, even if you only take one dish out at a time, because you don’t have to reset it until you are ready to put dirty dishes in.


If you think about it, once you open the door of your dishwasher, you are looking inside, and not at the magnet on the door.  It is really nice to have an indicator that is inside with the dishes, where you are looking.


While the human factor will always be involved in any clean/dirty indicator, the Cleandicator makes it easy and more fool proof by putting it right in view and in with the dishes, even doing one of the steps for you…changing it to ‘clean’.




There is a nice eco-friendly benefit to Cleandicator as well, saving water and electricity.


Inventor, Amy Wolfe of Atlanta, GA USA, had this to say about it:  “Our main goal was to create a fun, easy, and visual way to keep track of the clean cycle of your dishwasher. But, we, also, quickly, recognized that, by helping you keep track, you may run your dishwasher less times than you did before.  If you can avoid those accidental mixings of clean and dirty dishes, you can reduce re-runs of your dishwasher.”


What would be a very rough calculation of how much water and energy can be saved?  If each US household ran their dishwasher 2 less times a month, the numbers could reach over 20 billion gallons of water, and 5.5 billion kWhrs of electricity.



Only $15






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